If babies could talk

I’ve come across many situations with relatives and strangers behaving weirdly in an effort to entertain my little one… and I often wonder do people take things for granted just coz babies are not able to verbalize their true feelings and crying is something every grown up likes to decipher as convenient to them? Although parents are the closest individuals who may be in sync with the child’s feeling, there still are those stubborn, head strong relatives who think they know best! Its so frustrating to deal with such people and so I thought my kiddo would love to say these things to them if she could…

Hear me!

1. Please don’t try to grab me from my Ma or Paa’s arms the moment you see me.. you may look scary to me!
2. Don’t fling me in the air horizontal or vertical trying to entertain coz it does’nt and I throw up!
3. Do you change your clothes in the drawing-room with guests around?… I don’t think so.. then why should my diaper by changed just coz I’m a baby? Thank you Ma for respecting my privacy
4. To show your affection for me please don’t lift my top/dress/shirt to feel me or kiss me….. it’s not very classy… a simple hug and some cuddles also makes me happy!
5. Don’t try to make nonstop sounds and loud noises to make me stop crying…. you are adding to the already noisy situation and it doesn’t distract me
6. Feeding others is a milestone and it wont affect me psychologically for the rest of my life is you dont put my fingers or spoon in your mouth and take the food off it instead…you are not my Ma or Pa and its unhygienic anyways.

Would love to hear if your baby has some things to say!


Be beautiful

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous – Coco Chanel

Make-up and some pampering can surely get you feeling that way, along with a few other things. I rarely go over board with make-up but I love eye-shadows. Although my handbag will always have the essentials its difficult to carry a lot of stuff now that I also have a diaper bag on me most of the time!

Mirror mirror.....

Mirror mirror…..

It will be nice to have a Victorian white mirror in my beauty corner at home but due to lack of space in Mumbai homes I am currently managing with a dresser behind a 6 ft tall mirror with multiple shelves. Slowly and steadily the bottom shelves are getting emptier in the effort of keeping things away from my curious daughter resulting in a lot of clutter in my already tiny closet.

I mostly prefer chemical free products beauty therapy – a habit I got into during my pregnancy with the warning of keeping away from ‘all the banned stuff’ during those 9 months. Hope to share some of the reviews and stories from my beauty bar!

Things we did in Kochi travelling with a toddler

We planned a quick getaway this February to Kochi. Although the weather was much warmer than we expected it was fun and relaxing.


View from our cottage

We stayed a hotel by the backwaters  (our first time experience in Kerala) for the first two days… and enjoyed the lovely view at sunset. We had a great deal from Hotels.com for Trident and that’s where we stayed for the remaining days.

Although 4 days is a lot to spend in Kochi, we went with the sole intention of relaxing and not filling up our days with travel and sightseeing. Anyone who travels with a toddler knows the limits! With the limited sightseeing options 2 days can be more than enough to explore this city. For us it was completely an unwinding trip focused on cultural experiences, kerala ayurveda and shopping! I loved the visit to the Greenix Village – a superb cultural experience in Fort Kochi. Fort Kochi was where we saw the popular Chinese Fishing Nets and I even got to shop for some interesting, inexpensive jewellery by the rural artisans.  The next thing on my shopping list was a traditional Kerala saree which I managed to purchase in Mattancherry also popular for  Spices.I brought home a few spice boxes for gifting. Neatly packaged but still had to make sure they were further packed airtight to avoid my clothes from smelling of spices!

Kochi_Greenix Village

Sightseeing at Fort Kochi

We also visited the Elephant training camp about 1 hour drive from our hotel. It was a good experience for our daughter to see these animals up close in their natural habitat,  however I felt given the time taken to travel this place can be given a miss.

Elephant Training Camp

Elephant Training Camp

Our next travel to Kerala will be to Alleppey, Munnar and Thekkady which is usually sold as a package by most tour operators and covers the best of staying in a houseboat and visiting a hill station while experiencing the God’s own country.

Flower power!


The winter warmth is making way for the crisper spring and summer, when windows are flung open and lighter floral scents make their way into our homes. We got Nazneen Jehangir, Founder of Libellule, Floral Couture to share with us what’s the latest this season, along with ideas and tips to make the most of your beautiful blossoms.


THL: What are the flowers currently in season?
NJ: We are on the verge of spring so it will shortly be the season of plenty! Think Hydrangeas, Tulips, Stock and Hycinths and of course, there will be bulbs like Narcissus and Muscari.

THL: What’s the best way to increase the longevity of flowers?
: Always keep your water fresh and free of any leaves or debris. Cut your stems regularly and keep the vase out of direct air condition drafts. Flowers are also sensitive to extreme changes in weather so try…

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Crochet: My latest inspiration

The creative bug gets the best of me every few years. I like to believe I am creatively inclined and would love to do something on a larger and continuous scale but have not been able to find ‘the’ course or activity that I would stick to. Indecisive as can be.
I have enjoyed every bit of the creative project I have undertaken – candle making, graphic designing, warli painting, stained glass (with colours, although would love to try the Tiffany style project!), embroidery, fabric painting and my recent interest is in crochet.


I am barely a week into Crocheting and am absolutely fascinated with the creativity involved and the result expected! Having some troubles at the moment since I am unable to find the right sized crochet hook coz here in India we don’t get the fancy Crochet Sets that I came across on Amazon and Ebay….. I have begun my crocheting journey with a 3mm hook instead of 5mm as suggested in most tutorials. Thanks to YouTube and so many awesome crocheters out there I seem to have a lot of guidance in my first crochet piece . I am currently practicing the various stitches till I manage to get a 5mm needle when I will finally start my first project – maybe a baby blanket for my little one, or a scarf or an afghan for me. Hope to get the hook soon!