Crochet: My latest inspiration

The creative bug gets the best of me every few years. I like to believe I am creatively inclined and would love to do something on a larger and continuous scale but have not been able to find ‘the’ course or activity that I would stick to. Indecisive as can be.
I have enjoyed every bit of the creative project I have undertaken – candle making, graphic designing, warli painting, stained glass (with colours, although would love to try the Tiffany style project!), embroidery, fabric painting and my recent interest is in crochet.


I am barely a week into Crocheting and am absolutely fascinated with the creativity involved and the result expected! Having some troubles at the moment since I am unable to find the right sized crochet hook coz here in India we don’t get the fancy Crochet Sets that I came across on Amazon and Ebay….. I have begun my crocheting journey with a 3mm hook instead of 5mm as suggested in most tutorials. Thanks to YouTube and so many awesome crocheters out there I seem to have a lot of guidance in my first crochet piece . I am currently practicing the various stitches till I manage to get a 5mm needle when I will finally start my first project – maybe a baby blanket for my little one, or a scarf or an afghan for me. Hope to get the hook soon!


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