Be beautiful

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous – Coco Chanel

Make-up and some pampering can surely get you feeling that way, along with a few other things. I rarely go over board with make-up but I love eye-shadows. Although my handbag will always have the essentials its difficult to carry a lot of stuff now that I also have a diaper bag on me most of the time!

Mirror mirror.....

Mirror mirror…..

It will be nice to have a Victorian white mirror in my beauty corner at home but due to lack of space in Mumbai homes I am currently managing with a dresser behind a 6 ft tall mirror with multiple shelves. Slowly and steadily the bottom shelves are getting emptier in the effort of keeping things away from my curious daughter resulting in a lot of clutter in my already tiny closet.

I mostly prefer chemical free products beauty therapy – a habit I got into during my pregnancy with the warning of keeping away from ‘all the banned stuff’ during those 9 months. Hope to share some of the reviews and stories from my beauty bar!


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