Don’t jinx my workout!

Healthy living

Healthy living

I have attempted to have a ‘healthy lifestyle’ since I was 18! Annual gym memberships, early morning yoga or swimming sessions after work – all in vain because I never stuck to any of it.

After a point I started feeling my exercise regimen gets ‘jinxed’ the moment I mention it to anyone. Why does it feel like something in the universe  is testing my will power to exercise every time I feel the need to get into a workout schedule? Funnily I was discussing this with an old friend who had started going to the gym quite regularly but it got interrupted the moment her help at home mentioned it to someone when asked why her employer was not at home! It’s ironic that we had the same experience but it reaffirmed my belief on getting jinxed.

I have therefore decided not to say a word on my mode of workout or what I’m doing to lose weight! 😉 Wonder if anyone else has had a similar experience?


Birthday gift to self

Cupcakes to celebrate

Cupcakes to celebrate

I’ve always enjoyed planning soirees, surprise birthday parties for friends and coordinating any event from start to finish. However, when it comes to my own birthday I just wish I could disappear, not answer calls, not meet anyone and not have folks fuss about my birthday.

I recently managed to survive this day on May 17, and I’ve realized its not just the day but the week leading to my birthday and I get all wound up. Calling me short tempered will be an understatement and I’m like a woman ready to axe down anything that comes in my way! This year I came down with a flu so bad that I could hardly talk! Sadly, it’s been a few years since I’ve truly enjoyed my birthday with friends or family who I’d  really like to be with. So, here are some of the things I wish I could do instead:

1. Spend time with my dad (who passed away when I was 25). Would love to hear him or talk to him and say things I did’nt when I could have coz I was too busy doing other not so important things. That way I am blessed to have my mom with me on my birthday since her d-day is on May 15 and I make it a point to be with her no matter what.

2. Go off on a holiday to a place which has a lot of snow – I was blessed to celebrate it once in the Himalayas when I was 9. It was beautiful to be surrounded by snow capped mountains while cutting my birthday cake.

3. Take a meditative holiday to the Ananda Spa in Himalayas

4. Not hear from people who call for the sake of calling. Feel like telling them ‘i’m better off not hearing from you at all so please save both of us the trouble’ !

5. Disappear

Sometimes I feel its just the need to tell these people to stay away from me forever so I can move on with life and really start enjoying the things that I’ve always loved doing. These people who sap the energy out of anything I’ve wanted in life – are just there coz they need to be tolerated for someone else’s sake – I would not miss a thing if I dont meet them or see them or talk to them!

But the other line of thought I feel I need to explore is the art of ‘ignoring’. If they irritate me its my problem not theirs.If they are successful in getting to me its only because I let them,so I need to learn to let them be and tolerate them for the few hours I have to meet them once every few weeks and forget about them the other times. Its going to take a lot of practice and perseverance but its a path worth exploring . A gift I’ve promised to give my self this year for my birthday.

Journey towards Buddhahood

A collection of our Buddha idols from India and SEA

My Buddha Bar

It’s been a while since I got inspired to write something. With a whirlwind of activities from handling a toddler to household chores to getting creative with crochet 🙂 I have got introduced to practicing Buddhism and trying to maintain a regular schedule with it.

My husband and I have been collector’s of Buddha idols ever since we got married, but I never got a chance to understand the philosophy by meeting someone who actually practiced it. Learning about Gautama Buddha and the Noble Eight fold path orthe Four Noble Truths was all in context to academics many many years ago! Following it was a matter of great debate, given the political and competitive environment one has to deal with in our day to day life. My interest in the subject was purely from a point of meditation and not until I was introduced to it by a friend did I understand how it helps in living a balanced and fulfilled life.

My belief in the popular saying of “things happen when they are meant to” was further re-instated when I got introduced to Nichiren Buddhism which originated in Japan. Its quite surprising that living in India all this while so close to Bodhgaya I never got anywhere close to delving deeper into the subject. It’s better late than never! Nichiren Buddhism is based on the Lotus Sutra and works towards attaining a peaceful society while discovering Buddhahood.

Here’s to enlightenment!