Don’t jinx my workout!

Healthy living

Healthy living

I have attempted to have a ‘healthy lifestyle’ since I was 18! Annual gym memberships, early morning yoga or swimming sessions after work – all in vain because I never stuck to any of it.

After a point I started feeling my exercise regimen gets ‘jinxed’ the moment I mention it to anyone. Why does it feel like something in the universeĀ  is testing my will power to exercise every time I feel the need to get into a workout schedule? Funnily I was discussing this with an old friend who had started going to the gym quite regularly but it got interrupted the moment her help at home mentioned it to someone when asked why her employer was not at home! It’s ironic that we had the same experience but it reaffirmed my belief on getting jinxed.

I have therefore decided not to say a word on my mode of workout or what I’m doing to lose weight! šŸ˜‰ Wonder if anyone else has had a similar experience?